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What is the difference between Gelato & Ice Cream?

Ciao!  Gelato is a tradition in the Mosi family.  Stefano Mosi's father and grandfather made it in their pasticceria in Torino, Italy since 1925.  Through many adversities, they made "vero gelato artiginale" and today Stefano continues this tradition.  He sources local Saanich Peninsula produce and foraged ingredients to make a carefully balanced recipe which magnifies the true, natural flavours while maintaining the creamy, dense texture.  Stefano also creates Vegan and alternative sugar recipes using oat milk, and maple syrup or tara root.  

Our flavours change daily so check our updated flavour page.

 Typically described as denser, lower in fat and sugar, and lower "over-run" than commercially made ice cream; it represents the flavour more accurately because it has less air whipped into it (approx. 35%) vs. up to 100% air in ice cream.  So you are not tasting air like in ice cream which has a fluffy texture, you are tasting flavour because it is denser and isn't masked by too much cream.

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